Ceremonies are the most potent template, for sharing, learning, and transformation. Held at specific times throughout the month, we facilitate group ceremonies to connect our community with one another, connect ourselves with the greater world that supports us, and to our true purposes.
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healing and transformational work

Healing & Transformational Work

Ari Lazer is a practicing hands-on healer, and transformational facilitator – who uses a variety of modalities to facilitate healing for the physical, mental and emotional body – as well as offering one-on-one meditation instruction.
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sacred geometry

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the study of the harmonic patterns that underlie and create the world around us.
From the growth patterns of nature, to the movement of sound and vibration in the world, to the molecular structure of matter – all aspects of our world (including, notably, our bodies) are governed by a set of very simple, extremely elegant proportions.
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