Ceremonies are the most potent template, for sharing, learning, and transformation.  Held at specific times throughout the month, we facilitate group ceremonies to connect our community with one another, connect ourselves with the greater world that supports us, and to our true purposes.

Our ceremonies offer a template for song, contemplation, energy medicine and personal revelation.  As students of the world, utilize tools and techniques, from various wisdom traditions, in the service of the deeper, greater tradition which is a part of each and every one of us, always already.  By utilizing stones, plants, sacred geometry, song and story, we weave these elements into a form that speaks to our needs at this moment in time.  In the process of connecting in ceremony, we not only learn, and heal ourselves, but also transform the greater world for which our ceremony stands as a microcosm.

Our ceremonies  are dynamic, and always change based on who is present, and what each person brings to the space.  As you step into our ceremonial space, we greet you and the gifts you bring, and encourage participation from each person in the ceremony – to the degree to which they desire to.  Wisdom teaches from the inside out, and we are the creators of our own traditions.

If you are curious, we welcome you to our next gathering:

New Moon Magic, Apr. 2nd, 2011 – 8pm-11pm, (location TBA) – see “upcoming events” for more information.

To book a spot, or to ask questions, please call 778-323-0053,

or write us at mail@travelingalchemists.com.

From our participants, we ask for a sliding scale donation – $5-$20 (based on means), to help us cover space and facilitation costs.