Sacred Geometry and the Art of Creating Sacred Space – Seattle

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Date(s) - Apr 30 2016 - May 01 2016
11:00 am - 5:30 pm

A Magical Space

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Join us as we explore the art and science of the natural world. From seashells, to spiral galaxies, the orbits of the planet, to the structure of our DNA – we’ll look at all the many places where geometric pattern shows up in nature – and what this hidden language of form has to share with us.

From there we’ll pull out our compasses and learn essentials of this ancient art form.  How all the patterns in geometric art spring to life out of the circle.  Starting from the Seed of Life, we’ll learn the fundamentals of creating beautiful, living mandalas that enshrine the same patterns as nature

At the meeting place of art, science, and the millennia old world wisdom traditions, we’ll unpack new understanding of the world around us.

Day 1:

DNA-view-along-axis-courtesy-of-Dr.-R.-Langridge1. The Science of Shape

To begin the day we’ll explore the discoveries of western science over the past 40 years, and what they tell us about the shapes that matter and energy follow in our world. In lay-person’s terms, we’ll explore what vibrational physics, electro-magnetism, cymatics, DNA and holography can teach us about how we perceive the world around us, and how nature uses specific patterns to maximize energy efficiency, and create stable systems.





2. The Seed, Flower and Fruit of Lifeseed of life merkaba

Starting with the circle, we yield a 6 fold geometry instantly. From this initial “Seed of Life” comes all the forms that we could possibly create. We’ll explore the history of the Seed and Flower of Life in ancient traditions, and explore through drawing how this 6 fold pattern gives birth to the torus, the vector equilibrium, and the 5 platonic solids.



02 - Nautilus Shell



3. The Perfect Number Phi-ve

Once we’ve had the opportunity to unpack triangles, squares and hexagons from the Seed of Life, we’ll explore the magic of the pentagon and its Golden Section – the ratio that is at the heart of all living systems. We’ll explore why and how life uses this ratio to grow, and how we can draw it.



nested platonic solids 4. The Platonic Solids

To close out the first day we’ll investigate the 5 regular geometric forms that are possible in 3 dimensions. Known commonly as the Platonic Solids, these forms structre the bonding of molecules, the orbits of the planets, and the electrical fields around the human body. We’ll explore how the 6 fold pattern of the Flower of Life folds and unfurls to create these objects, building our own in the making.




Day 2:  The Art of Sacred Space

Starting from our new understandings of the natural world, we begin to explore how these principles can allow us to create sacred space.


crystal grid (64 tet)11. The Earth as Temple

We’ll explore the basics of the earth’s electromagnetic field, and the ancient practice of temple building.  How and where the ancients built their temples, why they aligned them the way that they did – and the very measurable effects these principles have on health, healing, and the fertility of the land.





2. Sacred Number and Sacred SpaceIMG_1699

We’ll investigate ancient understandings of number, and what qualities different numbers held. From 1-10 we’ll explore the hidden essence of ancient number, as it pertains to the art of sacred space, temple building and wisdom traditions. So that when it comes to crafting our sacred space we can utilize these principles in a good way.




3. The Crystal Gridding, the Art of Living Stone

crystal grid at luminosityFrom this foundation, we’ll spend our whole afternoon investigating different ways to work with stones and crystals to create coherent energetic fields, that inspire, uplift and energize our world.  Through a series of hands on activities, we’ll build our own small grids, hone our listening, and learn how to create different qualities of energy, just by moving a handful of rocks around!

Course Cost:

$200 for the weekend, $100 per day.  $165 early bird pricing, if registered by Apr. 16th.  Some student and low income spots available ($120 for the weekend).  Contact us for more info.
If for some reason you can’t see the form below to register, please call us at 778-323-0053, or email:, and we’ll be happy to help.