Sacred Geometry Levels III & IV – The Harmonies of Heaven and Earth (Vancouver, BC)

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Date(s) - Apr 18 2015 - Apr 19 2015
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Rainfire Tattoo Studio

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Sacred Geometry Levels III & IV – The Harmonies of Heaven and Earth – Apr. 18 & 19

Due to popular demand, the Level III & IV course is returning to Vancouver this Spring!  It’s a powerful weekend of leaning how to put the harmonies of sacred geometry to work in our lives in both practical and deeply mysterious ways.

In Level I & II we explore the first essential forms that the universe uses to govern the flow of energy, and to build forms of physical matter.  But as we began to see – as these patterns extend from the smallest order of matter to the largest, Level I & II only begin to scratch the surface.

The Level III & IV courses pick up where Level II ends – we begin by zooming out, exploring in more depth the relationship between sound, music and geometry, exploring how these patterns govern the rotation of the planets in the heavens, and the are enshrined in the architecture of the ancients.  Through unpacking these relationships of harmony, we may understand a little deeper the subtle principles that govern our lives, supporting our health, harmony and well-being.

Level III – Day 1

new jerusalem.gsp1. The Star Cut, Music and Number

In Level II we learned that hidden within the simple square is a device of amazing intricacy – the Star Cut Diagram – that governs many of the essential principles of the harmony of our world.  In Level III, we return to our study of the Star Cut Diagram, to exploring the mysteries of number that arises from its intricate harmony – and how visual geometry becomes musical harmony.  We’ll explore with our ears how the harmonies of space become the harmonies of sound, and discover some amazing relationships in the process.


giza moon

2. The Moon, The Earth, and the Squared Circle

At the heart of all life on earth is the exquisite dance between the moon and the earth – regulating tidal cycles, fertility of plants and animals, and giving inspiration to artists immemorial.  This dance also encodes one of the most divine geometric relationships – of the circle to the square – something that we find eloquently described in the Star Cut, and the proportions of the human body alike. We’ll unpack the mystery of this relationship, and discover some magic along the way.



stonehenge (michell)3. Stonehenge, the Giza Pyramid and the Heavenly City Diagram

The underlying masculine/feminine polarity, as represented by the Moon and the Sun, or the square and the circle, is at the heart of all sacred geometric traditions.  When we train our eye to see it, we find these relationships throughout the ancient world – from the Parthenon, to Stonehenge.  It also gives us the proportions needed to create the Heavenly City Diagram – an ancient, and incredibly powerful design that underlies the ground plan of Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey, the Great Pyramid at Giza and more.  We’ll learn how to draw this pattern, as well as how to use it as a calendar to track the cycles of the moon, and its eclipses – just as it was used at Stonehenge.

Level IV – Day 2.

mars and venus1. The Harmonies of the Cosmos

The intricate geometries of our solar-system don’t end with the Moon the the Earth.  All of the relationships between the planets in our solar-system use simple geometric shapes as their basis.  We’ll explore them, and design our own mandalas to the heavens, using the actual proportions of the planets we want to call upon.


03 - maha_sri_yantra2. The Sri Yantara

As the visual representation of the Vedic sound of creation, the Sri Yantara is an incredibly powerful shape to focus on in meditation, to use in healing, or for manifestation.  It’s also surprisingly tricky to construct accurately.  Using a newly re-discovered method to create the Sri Yantara, we’ll go step by step through the process – so you can create your own whenever you need it.



3. New Geometries of the 21st Century!Chestahedron-textured

We’ll take a stroll into the research of Frank Chester.  His 7 sided “chestahedron,”  is an eloquent fusing of a number of the essential concepts of sacred geometry to create a powerful 3-d form – that is, amongst other things, the geometry underlying the structure of the human heart, and the twisting torus it creates to pump blood through our bodies.



IMG_16994. Crystal Gridding and Geometric Meditation

To close out the workshop we’ll return to the geometric visualizations we explored in Level II, and build on them  – exploring the way the different shapes change the movement of the human energetic field, and our awareness with them.  We’ll also explore how using simple alignments of crystals can aid in amplifying our personal energetic fields, or the energy of a temple, healing space or sanctuary.

** Participants in all workshops are asked to bring a drawing compass (some will be provided if you can’t find one), ruler, a notebook and pencils/pens, as we’ll be actively creating with our hands.

Course Cost:

$185 for the weekend, $95 per day.  $160 early bird pricing, if registered by Apr.10th.  Some student and low income spots available ($120 for the weekend).  Contact Ari for more information, or assistance in registering at 778-323-0053, or email: