Art of and Science of Crystal Gridding – in Vancouver

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Date(s) - May 31 2015
11:00 am - 5:30 pm

Rainfire Tattoo Studio

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The Art and Science of Crystal Gridding!

Since ancient times, crystals have been revered for their beauty, their power, and their capacity to create sacred space.  In this day long workshop, we’ll explore the physical mechanisms that make crystals so powerful, and learn the essentials of using crystals to enhance and amplify the human energy field, and set the template for creating sacred space.

1. The Science of Crystals –

What makes crystals so special anyhow?  Turns out… A lot!  Quartz crystal, one of the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust, is a very unique stone.  We’ll explore how quartz crystal generates its electromagnetic field, learn how the geometric structure of it is incredibly important in creating laser light, and we’ll look at how ancient sites specifically used the electromagnetic properties of quartz to generate, or direct currents of electricity in the earth.



IMG_16992. Crystals and the Human Body –

Did you know that you’ve got a tiny packet of calcite crystals in the middle of your pineal glad?  That your DNA shares many things in common with the structure and properties of crystals – not the least of which is its ability to generate and receive radio waves and laser light… What?  In this section we’ll look at the ways that our bodies are designed to interface with crystals so well!




3. Speaking to the Stones –

crystal grid at luminosityBut crystals aren’t just inert matter. They, like all things, are conscious as well.  In the specific electromagnetic vibrations each crystal holds, is encoded a wealth of information.  How much information we can receive from a given stone is directly related to how we ask.  We’ll explore essential tools for speaking to our stones, setting our intention, and learning to hear what they have to share.



02 - Nautilus Shell

4.  Sacred Geometry and the Principles of Nature

Once we can listen to the stones, and know how they want to assist us – we can begin to build our crystal grid.  But what shape to make it?  Nature uses a variety of very distinct geometric patterns to govern the unfolding of our world around us.  From the hexagonal structures of snowflakes, to the dodecahedral structure of the universe.  These different geometric forms inform the way that energy wants to flow from one point to another.  So, using nature as our guide we’ll discover these different forms, and learn through hands on exploration, how different geometries can radically change the energy of our crystal grids.


crystal grid (64 tet)15.  The Once and Future Art of Crystal Gridding:

To close the day we’ll look at ancient societies from Guatemala to Southern England, Eastern USA to  Europe and discover evidence the shows that our ancestors were actively working with the electromagnetic qualities of the land they lived on.  Why?  Recent archaeological and field data shows that they were using quartz monuments and structures to enhance the fertility of their seeds and crops!  We’ll learn about new studies that show that these ancient mounds could, and still can, increase the yield of food crops by an average of 400-500 percent!!  Our last section of the day will be exploring how to take these skills we’ve used out in to the world to create a greener, healthier place to live for all!


Come join us for an amazing day of crystals, consciousness and the magic we can create with just a couple of rocks.  Please feel free to bring your own crystals – i will have crystals to use as tools in the class, but you’re most welcome to bring your own – and the experience is often strongest when we work with stones we already have a connection to.  

Course Cost:  

$70 Early Bird Registration – by May 23rd.  

$85 at the door

Some student and low income spots available ($50), please write Ari at

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