Our health and well-being are a delicate mix of the physical care we give our bodies, and the emotional and mental stories that inform the way we interact with our world.  Our bodies are beautiful, wise creatures, that know how to fix any imbalance they may be experiencing – though sometimes they need an extra set of helping hands.  The  one-on-one healing work and transformational sessions we offer enable people to take charge of their own lives and their   capacity to heal themselves.

Ari Lazer is a practicing hands-on healer, and transformational facilitator – who uses a variety of modalities to facilitate healing on the emotional, mental and physical levels.  Trained in shamanic practice, energy healing and Holodynamic visualization work Ari tailors his skills to your specific needs. Whether you seek to overcome a physical injury or illness, move through emotional challenges, or to connect to a deeper level of potential, one-on-one sessions are always as you unique as you are.

Ari uses a combination of hands on energy work, shamanic tools (such as stones, feathers and plants), and guided visualization.  With a deep understanding of physical and energetic anatomy and a history of transformational work, Ari is delighted to offer his gifts in a one on one basis.  Some clients prefer hands-on energy work to move through a physical blockage, or aid the recovery of an injury or illness.  While others prefer Ari’s signature technique, combining energy work with the Holodynamic visualization technique – a guided visualization process where the client is asked a series of simple questions to lead them to the images at the heart of the emotional or mental blockage they are trying to move.  By combining the two modalities the physical body is able to release its dysfunctional patterns at the same time the conscious mind is made aware of and can release the mental stories that are a the heart of the dysfunction, to make room for new, and empowering stories to take root.

To make the work as accessible as possible, sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis – from $70 – $120 for a 90 minute session.  For more information, or to book a session please contact Ari at 778-323-0053, or mail@travelingalchemists.com