Holistic Astrology Readings 

Man-Leonardo-da-VinciIntroducing Robert Christopher Telford, counselling astrologer, and his unique approach to Holistic Astrology.

With a 10 years of practice in astrological consultation, supported by 20 years of study in neurology, psychology, and neurolinguistic programming*, Christopher offers a straightforward, and practical approach to using the wisdom of the stars in our every day lives.

(Hons. BA Psychology Nippusing University 1997,  Master Practitioner NLP Erickson College)




Q&A with Robert Christopher Telford


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What is Holistic Astrology?

Holistic Astrology is an individualized approach to seeing patterns in one’s behaviour, as suggested by the planetary harmonies present at the time of their birth.  Through this understanding we become able to successfully manage the opportunities that come appear in our lives as a result of new planetary alignments. The emphasis of holistic astrology is on creating multiple perspectives on any given life challenge, such that you, the client, can succeed in investigating how you wish to relate, in the future to similar challenges and opportunities.

Based on my understanding and training, in the areas of classical conditioning and neurlinguistic programming, I am able to assist my clients in progressively redefining their own capacity to make meaningful change in their lives.

What sets your approach apart from other astrology readings?  

I’m most interested in helping people relate to the metaphors of the signs, the planets and the houses.  It’s a person’s understanding of astrological metaphor that can illuminate.  I want to help you to see yourself in the chart.  Your ideal, and through the understanding of the metaphors, archetypal, you can become able to incorporate that power into your own behaviours.

Someone who has studied astrology appreciates that the metaphor is what makes the study useful.  Being able to see your life in the world around you allows you to be prepared for whatever comes.  It’s the micro scale application of what’s true in the solar system.  If we can’t make the macrocosm of astrology relate to the microcosm of your world, it isn’t worth your time or mine.

I don’t know anything about astrology to begin with, might this be too complicated for me?

The essential principles of astrology are the same archetypes that make up our psyche.  So it’s not about learning anything new, as much as it is learning to listen to whatever is there.  You and I will use the characters of the signs, the planets and the houses, to simply give light to what you already know about your self on an essential level.


Holistic Astrology readings can be scheduled individually, or by couples, and take 90 minutes a session.  Each session includes a print out of your astrological chart, and relevant materials, with a complete audio recording of the 90 minute session.

Sliding Scale Cost – $60-100 for a 90 minute session.  

To book a session or for more information contact Robert Christopher at 604-764-7215, or robertchristophertelford@gmail.com.