Presenting ceremony and sacred space as theatrical performance and installation art is at the heart of the Traveling Alchemist mandate. Below are some of the highlights of our past projects.  Click on the available links to see photos from each project.

Jun. 2013 – Traveling Within – Presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery – An interdisciplinary art and theater piece commissioned by the VAG, and performed by Ari Lazer, Coco Kamiwing, and Sam Friesen.

Oct. 2012 – Parade of Lost Souls – Ari Lazer, Artistic Producer – An immerse exploration of the “apocalypse as lifting of the veil” presented by the Public Dreams Society, curated and produced by Ari Lazer.

Jul. 2012 – Temple of Light – Illuminares Lantern Festival – Sacred space and song temple, created in a 40ft scale representation of the Great Pyramid.  Design by Ari Lazer, performance by Krystal Patience, Hannah Epperson, Satya Grove, Jamie Perelet, and many others, Installation Constructed by Jamie Perrelet, Tom Kaczmarski, John Richardson, Lana and others.

Dec. 2011- Winter Solstice Lantern Festival – Sacred space and temple created to commemorate the passing of the longest night of the year.

Jul. 2011 – Harmonices Mundi – Presented at the Illuminares Lantern Festival – An Icosahedral ceremonial space, created, with geometric representations of the planets, modeled after the traditional Tree of Life.  Design – Ari Lazer, Construction – Ari Lazer, Lana Rose, Jamie Perrelet, Krystal Patience, Deanna Rogers, and many others, Performance – Ari Lazer, Matthew Kocel, Zamir Dhanji

Jun. 201ll – Doorways to Dream at the Vancouver Art Gallery – interdisciplinary installation and theater piece commissioned by the VAG in conjunction with their Surrealist Exhibit, in June, 2011.  Written and Designed by Ari Lazer, Performed by Ari Lazer, Elliot Vaughan, and Martin Reisle

Dec. 2010 –  Installation at the 2010 Winter Solstice Lantern Festival – Public space for meditation, song and ceremony, to commemorate the Lunar Eclipse on the 2010 Winter Solstice, and the direct alignment of the Sun, Moon, Earth, Mars, Pluto and the Black Hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy – a once in a life-time event.  Design – Ari Lazer, and T. Jones.