Doorways to Dream – An Installation and Interactive Performance Piece

(Presented at the Vancouver Art Gallery – June 2011)

Written by Ari Lazer

Performed by Ari Lazer, Martin Reisle, and Elliot Vaughan

In conjunction with the Surrealist Exhibition at the VAG, the Traveling Alchemists presented Doorways to Dream, a journey into the worlds of story and dreamtime – to explore the meaning of our dreams, our nightmares, and how to weave something a little more real into our reality.  Finding an old book in an attic, the Traveling Alchemists have assembled their genuine, one of a kind Dream Condenser, to draw dreams out of the aether, and into manifest physical reality.  Of course, things don’t always go as planned, and as the Alchemists are forced to find their way out of a maze of music, magic and overwhelming illusion.