Working with a wonderful team of volunteers and artists, the Traveling Alchemists Presented a sacred space for meditation, contemplation and song at this year’s Illuminares Lantern Festival, held at Canada Place, July 2011. The installation was a 40ft geometric yurt, which suspended a whirling, glowing column of planetary lanterns – in a reflection of the spheres on the Tree of Life.  In addition to the visual element, visitors to the event were welcomed by the magical music of Zamir Danji, Jana Eidse, Dawn Howlett, and Matthew Kocel and Ari Lazer.

A huge, heartfelt thanks to Jamie and Alex Perrelet, Krystal Patience, Derek Rhodes, Deanna Rogers, and Lanna Royce who put in many, many hours to help build and take down our structure.  And thank you to Deanna Rogers for taking these wonderful pictures.