December 21st, 2010 – Harmonies of Heaven and Earth

What a joy it was to share our gifts in such a blessed space.  This Winter Solstice, the Traveling Alchemists’ brought a ceremonial space to the Winter Solstice Lantern Festival at the Roundhouse, to commemorate the lunar eclipse on the solstice (an event that last happened in 1378).

A lunar eclipse on the day of the solstice, means that the moon, the earth, the sun, and the black hole at the centre of the milkyway galaxy (known to astrophysicists as Sagitarius A), all fall in perfect alignment.  Our offering presented to the community was a sacred space that could take participants on a journey up through a gateway in the stars to that heart of creation.  Participants were led in song, invocation and stillness to offer up their old stories (and whatever else does not serve) and return them to the Great Central Sun, where that old energy could be transmuted and returned in a form that does serve this time and this place.

Working with a beautiful team of practitioners including Travis Jones, Bri Griffen, Zamir Danji, Ash Bigdeli, Chris Rzepa, Robert Christopher Telford, and Krystal Patience –  amongst many other wonderful souls, we wove a really special space.  Big thanks as well to Krista Rice, Clint Carleton and Meris Goodman for offering their help to welcome visitors to the space and ensure that the space was well cared-for during the gathering.

Here are some pictures from the event.  Hope to see you next time!

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