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Introducing Sacred Light Designs – Artwork and Aesthetics for a New World

The Patterns of Sacred Geometry give structure to the universe around us, organize the firings of our neurons, and inspire a sense of wonder within us.

With our new line of pendants, earrings, altar pieces, lanterns and more – you can bring the art of sacred geometry into your every day life.

All the pieces are hand designed, and locally crafted with lasers in Vancouver, BC.  The designs range from the essential cannon of Sacred Geometry – The Flower of Life, the Sri Yantra, Metatron’s Cube, etc. – to unique creations designed by Ari Lazer, exploring the exquisite intricacies of the geometric form.


Pendants and Earrings 

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Wear your heart on your sleeve… or, err… neck.  These pendants are one of a kind, crafted from Baltic Birch.  Whether you love crop circles, the elegance of simple geometric form, or important sacred symbols, you can find them in our online store.



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Wooden earrings, designed to be as light as they are elegant, finished with pure Sterling Silver fittings, for elegance.  Allow your inner style to shine


Altar Pieces and Window Hangings


As we explore in our workshops, the patterns of sacred geometry can harmonize the body and mind, making it easier to sink into meditation, prayer, or relaxation.  Try putting one of these hangings in your window, or on your altar, and tell us if you don’t feel different.



Assembling the Dodecahedron

Assembling the Dodecahedron























New For 2015!  

In the Fall of 2014, we debuted the new line of Lasercut lanterns, enshrining some of the most exquisite forms of sacred geometry – designed to cast light and shadow into your world.  The lanterns are cut in unique patterns, and available without a screen to allow the patterns they hold to be cast as shadows, or with a screen to allow the patterns to be seen beautifully illuminated from within.  Orders are being taken now, for a full price sheet and information email, and ask.