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Geometry for Web01  As improbable as it seems, the world around us is comprised of a handful of elegant and mysteriously simple relationships – all of which can be described by our exploration of a handful of geometric shapes we first came to know as kids – the triangle, the square, the pentagon and the hexagon. Sacred Geometry is the study of these harmonic proportions, the ways they relate to compose the natural world.


Sunflower of life2Whether it’s the exploration of the solar system – the orbits of Venus and the earth create a perfect pentagon in the sky every 8 years; an exploration of the molecular structure of matter – quartz crystal and table salt are built of tetrahedrons and cubes respectively; or  diving into the DNA inside our bodies – where again we see an exquisite pentagon that rules the twisting of the twin braids that govern our genetics – the same patterns show up again and again.

Whirling Geometries This study is extremely beautiful, surprisingly simple, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, vast.  But, despite it’s philosophic depth, the study of sacred geometry is very practical.  If the patterns that we discover in the geometries are indeed the building blocks of the world around us – by learning how to draw, build, and attune our awareness to these shapes, we are able to bring greater harmony into our lives – in a very tangible way.  From designing structures and systems that use the least energy and fewest materials to achieve their ends, to spaces that enhance health and well being by supporting the natural growth processes the practical applications of this art and science are near limitless.

What We Offer: Classes, Design Consultation, Private Commissions

Courses and Workshops

Facilitated by Ari Lazer, the Traveling Alchemists’ Outreach Society offers classes, workshops and one-on-one consultation on sacred geometry.  From students looking to begin their study of harmonic proportion, to geometers looking to embrace new constructions and enhance their knowledge of ancient uses of the artform – our courses cover a great deal of the scope of the subject.  Click here for full course descriptions, or here for the list of upcoming events.

Design Consultation:

From landscape architects looking to weave the structures of nature more deeply into their projects, to airport designers looking to give their buildings the greatest degree of harmony, to builders simply looking to use their materials most efficiently – we’ve consulted on a number of projects putting sacred geometry to practical use.  We offer consultation on projects at a variety of pricepoints, contact us for more information.

Private Commissions:

Those who have been through the courses know how powerful sacred geometry can be for mental and physical well being, and often want to bring the geometries into their home, or workplace.  From hand painted murals, wooden meditation pyramids, or larger ceremonial spaces – we’re delighted to work with clients to design and create custom geometric art pieces that harmonize mind body and soul.  Contact us for more information.  Or click here to take a look at our most recent project.


The internet is filled with amazing resources on the topic already.  Click here for our favorite books, websites and videos.