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Sacred Geometry Courses And Workshops

“When thou hast made the quadrangle round, Then is all the secret found.”
— George Ripley (Alchemist, 1415-1490)

The only real way to learn the depth and wonder that lies in the realm of geometric form is to draw it.  Our courses and workshops offer participants the opportunity to explore sacred geometry through drawing, discussion and guided visualization.  By focusing on experiential learning, participants get the opportunity to explore sacred design from the inside out.

Below are descriptions of our two most popular workshops The Shape of Creation and Sacred Shape and Space.  Click here for a list of upcoming workshops in your area, or feel free to contact us about setting up a private workshop for your group. 

Sacred Geometry Level I & II – The Shape of Creation

Over the course of 2 days we will dive to the heart of geometry, and discover the hidden proportions of nature.  We’ll explore the harmonious  framework underlying our physical reality, examining some of the most groundbreaking scientific studies of the last 40 years. From there, we pull out the  compass and straightedge  – and explore the art of sacred design in a tradition unchanged since ancient times.  From beginning with the simple circle we’ll discover how to yield just about any other shape in a handful of easy steps.

Day 1:

DNA-view-along-axis-courtesy-of-Dr.-R.-Langridge1. The Science of Shape

To begin the day we’ll explore the discoveries of western science over the past 40 years, and what they tell us about the shapes that matter and energy follow in our world.  In lay-person’s terms, we’ll explore what vibrational physics, electro-magnetism, cymatics, DNA and holography can teach us about how we perceive the world around us, and how nature uses specific patterns to maximize energy efficiency, and create stable systems.




2. The Seed, Flower and Fruit of Lifeseed of life merkaba

Starting with the circle, we yield a 6 fold geometry instantly.  From this initial “Seed of Life” comes all  the forms that we could possibly create.  We’ll explore the history of the Seed and Flower of Life in ancient traditions, and explore through drawing how this 6 fold pattern gives birth to the torus, the vector equilibrium, and the 5 platonic solids.

02 - Nautilus Shell



3. The Perfect Number Phi-ve

Once we’ve had the opportunity to unpack triangles, squares and hexagons from the Seed of Life, we’ll explore the magic of the pentagon and its Golden Section – the ratio that is at the heart of all living systems.  We’ll explore why and how life uses this ratio to grow, and how we can draw it.


nested platonic solids 4. The Platonic Solids

To close out the first day we’ll investigate the 5 regular geometric forms that are possible in 3 dimensions.  Known commonly as the Platonic Solids, these forms structre the bonding of molecules, the orbits of the planets, and the electrical fields around the human body.  We’ll explore how the 6 fold pattern of the Flower of Life folds and unfurls to create these objects, building our own in the making.

Day 2:

1. Geometric Meditation

If, as we discover in the first day, our brains, and bodies are designed to interpret the sensations of the outside world through geometric systems, what happens when we imagine geometries around our bodies?  You’ll be surprised at how immediate and visceral the response can be.  For those who are familiar with the Merkaba meditation, these visualizations are a simple and elegant first step to the more complex Merkaba practice.

Geometry for Web062. Phi Ratio, Round 2!

We return to explore the magic of the Golden Ratio, as it relates to the larger platonic solids, the structure of the earth’s magnetic field, and the ancient sacred sites that we find mysteriously (or synchronistically) aligned with the lines of force of the earth’s Unified Vector Grid.  We’ll also explore some more compass constructions to unpack the Golden Ratio.


3. The Star Cut Diagramstar cut diagram

In the 2nd half of day 2 we’ll dive into another magical geometric shape – the Star Cut Diagram, and Malcolm Stewart’s groundbreaking research into the intricate harmonies of an astoundingly simple shape. Out of this one figure come all the proportions we need to create the western musical scale, measure the ratios of the sun, moon, and earth, generate the Golden Section, and much, much more!   A truly astounding addition to anyone’s geometric repertoire. Click here to see Stewart giving his own introduction to the topic.

russian_pyramid4. Pyramids and Ancient Sacred Sites

We close out our 2nd day by exploring the most truly practical applications of geometry in the modern and ancient world.  Why has the Russian Defence department built over 50 large pyramids across their country since 1990?  What are the effects of these pyramids on crop health, rates of recovery from illness in Russia’s hospitals, on mitigating the power of winter storms?  We’ll also explore how ancient pyramids, dolmens, and mounds could have been used to electrically enhance seeds and maximize crop fertility. A truly fascinating subject for people looking to put geometry to real practical use in our changing world.



Sacred Geometry Levels III & IV – Sacred Shape and Space

The topics of geometry are so vast, we found quickly that a 2 day workshop wasn’t nearly enough time to dig into all the mysteries and wonders of the natural world, and the harmonic order that underlies it.  The Level III & IV courses pick up where Level II ends – diving into more geometric constructions – exploring some of the most powerful metaphysical designs, and tracing the patterns of nature deep into outer (and inner) space.

1. The Star Cut, Music and Number

We return to our study of the Star Cut Diagram, to exploring the mysteries of number that arises from its intricate harmony.  We’ll pull out our ear to listen to how the harmonies of space become the harmonies of sound, and discover some amazing relationships in the process.

2. The Moon, The Earth, and the Squared Circle

At the heart of all life on earth is the exquisite dance between the moon and the earth – regulating tidal cycles, fertility of plants and animals, and giving inspiration to artists immemorial.  This dance also encodes one of the most divine geometric relationships – of the circle to the square – something that we find eloquently described in the proportions of the human body as well. We’ll unpack the mystery of this relationship, and discover some magic along the way.

3. Stonehenge, the Giza Pyramid and the New Jerusalem Diagram

The Starcut diagram gives us the proportions of the sun and the moon, as well as their squared circle.  It also gives us the proportions needed to create the New Jerusalem Diagram – an ancient, and incredibly powerful design that underlies the ground plan of Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey, the Great Pyramid at Giza and more.  We’ll learn how to draw this pattern, as well as how to use it as a calendar to track the cycles of the moon, and its eclipses – just as it was used at Stonehenge.

Day 2.

1. The Harmonies of the Cosmos

The intricate geometries of our solar-system don’t end with the Moon the the Earth.  All of the relationships between the planets in our solar-system use simple geometric shapes as their basis.  We’ll explore which ones, and design our own mandalas to the heavens, using the actual proportions of the planets we want to call upon.

2. The Sri Yantara

As the visual representation of the Vedic sound of creation, the Sri Yantara is an incredibly powerful shape to focus on in meditation, to use in healing, or for manifestation.  It’s also surprisingly tricky to construct accurately.  Using a newly re-discovered method to create the Sri Yantara, we’ll go step by step through the process – so you can create your own whenever you need it.

3. New Geometries of the 21st Century!

We’ll take a stroll into the research of Frank Chester.  His 7 sided “chestahedron,”  is an eloquent fusing of a number of the essential concepts of sacred geometry to create a powerful 3-d form – that is, amongst other things, the shape of the human heart, and the twisting torus it creates to pump blood through our bodies.

4. Advanced Geometric Meditation

To close out the workshop we’ll return to the geometric visualizations we explored in Level II, and build on them  – exploring the way the different shapes change the movement of the human energetic field, and our awareness with them.

** Participants in all workshops are asked to bring a drawing compass (some will be provided if you can’t find one), ruler, a notebook and pencils/pens, as we’ll be actively creating with our hands.