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So you’d like to learn more about Sacred Geometry, outside of the classroom and away from the drawing board!  Here are the books I recommend to dive into the topic.  They’re all great, but I’ve tried to organize them in descending order of how vociferously and often I recommend them.

Quadrivium – Ed. John MartineauPublished by Wooden Books, Quadrivium explores the 4 ancient classical arts of geometry, musical harmony, astronomy and number.  An exquisitely simple book, elegantly put together and gorgeously designed.  A must, and perhaps the ideal starting point for a journey of geometrical discovery.  Check out the rest of Wooden’s catalogue for other delightful journeys into the magic of shape and space.  

How the World is Made: The World According to Sacred Geometry – John Michell & Allen Brown – The last book master geometer John Michell wrote, at the end of his life, is still my favorite text about sacred geometry, the proportions of our world, ancient myth and much more.  Beautifully illustrated and containing many of the ancient mysteries of number and harmony.  This will keep even well read geometers intrigued cover to cover.

Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice – Robert Lawlor – Lawlor’s book is aptly named – with everything in it to bring together the math and drawn geometry, Sacred Geometry takes readers through the journey of  √2, √3, √5, and how they create all the manifest proportions of the living world.  This great book gives step by step geometrical constructions, and all the math to back them up (if you’re into that kind of thing).  

Patterns of Eternity – Malcolm Stewart – As John Martineau puts it in the introduction to this book, it is easily the most important book on sacred geometry in the last decade.  In the pages of Patterns of Eternity Stewart explores an essential geometric shape known as the Starcut Diagram which somehow in its simplicity manages to code the proportions of the moon, earth, musical harmony, stonehenge, the great pyramid, and much, much more.  Also a must!

The Power of Limits – Gyorgi DocziA beautifully illustrated stroll through the myriad ways the Golden Proportion shows up in nature, art and architecture.

The Matrix of Creation: Sacred Geometry in the Realm of the Planets – Richard Heath – A beautifully written book, exploring the intricate harmonies of the planets.  If you’re interested in this, John Martineau’s section in Quadrivium, also covers this topic.  However Heath’s book is far more comprehensive!  With some mind blowing links between the harmonies of music, and the harmonies of the spheres…

The Universal One – Walter Russell – (Link is for Online Pdf) One of the exquisite polymaths of the last century, Walter Russell implemented his understanding of the vibrational principles and geometries of creation to create this amazing work, that explains how spin creates our world from atoms to galaxies and everything in between.  In doing so he created a spiral table of the elements that managed to predict in 1926 many elements, their atomic weights, and properties, decades before they were discovered in the lab.  Incredible!

Synergetics – Buckminster Fuller In two volumes, each only 1800 pages long, Buckminster Fuller madly explains his complete physics and metaphysics of the world.  The most frustrating part is that he gets it exactly right.

If you’re into Fuller’s work, but would like a more concise and less wackily worded book, Amy Edmunson’s  A Fuller Explanation covers the material in a more manageable, and readable 250 pages.  That said, you should probably still check out a copy of Synergetics, for the pictures alone!

Other Amazing Books on Sacred Geometry include:

Anything by written by John Michell – Including: The New View over Atlantis, The Dimensions of Paradise, and Twelve Tribe Nations.  More on Michell’s work here:

Sacred Geometry Essentials on the Web:

The Golden Mean:

Compass and Straight Edge Constructions:

If you’re having a hard time remembering any of the geometrical constructions we’ve discussed in our class – Robin Hu’s website gives a great run down of many of the constructions you’d ever want to use.

Animated Compass and Straigthedge Constructions:

And if you like animated constructions, here’s a place to gander at.

Contemporary Geometers: 

Buckminster Fuller:

Buckminster Fuller is arguably the most important mind in contemporary geometry.  His innovations of the geodesic dome, a whole new system of mathematics, and the discovery of the integral structure of the Vector Equilibrium are unparalleled in modern times.  Here’s a site dedicated to his work and texts.

John Michell Network:

An internet homage to my favorite geometer of the modern era.  The now late John Michell was an incredible force in the resurrection of the study of lay-lines, ancient units of measurement, the meticulous alignments of ancients sites, and so much more.  Thanks John for all you’ve done!

Frank Chester:

Frank Chester is a formidable force in contemporary geometry his work involving the chestahedron a new 7 sided solid, the human heart, and a whole bunch of other work is amazing, and well worth investigation.

Malcolm Stewart:

Re-discoverer of the power and importance of the Starcut Diagram.  His website is not terribly robust, but gives a good sense of the work he does.  Pick up the book for a deeper investigation.

Dan Winter:

Those looking for an easy to use website will be disappointed here.  But those looking for the information of an incredibly gifted geometer will be delighted.  Just start clicking around until you find something that tickles your fancy – his work focuses largely, if not entirely on the power of the Phi Ratio.


Cymatics is the study of how sound moving through a fluid medium (water, air, or sand), generates beautiful geometric patterns from the standing waves of its vibration.  Here are two great sources on the subject and there’s lots more to be found

Beautiful hi-res photos of cymatic images.


A cymascope is an instrument designed to translate any sound into cymatic images.  Here’s the site of a company building such things, and what they’ve discovered.

Pyramids and Ancient Sacred Sites:

The Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association:

A really wonderful group of researchers compiling well documented scientific studies on the ancient pyramids in Egypt, as well as the modern pyramids in Russia.  Incuding Joe Parr’s research which is truly stunning!

Christopher Dunn’s Site:

Christopher Dunn is an Acoustical Engineer whose studies of Egyptian sites, and the Great Pyramid, especially, have offered incredible insight to the technological advancement of the ancients.

Robin Heath’s Stonehenge Site:

An exquisite site detailing the alignments of Stonehenge, its potential uses as a lunar calendar, and some of the most amazing

Human Resonance:

An intriguing site exploring some of the more esoteric connections of the ancient sites.

Other Web Resources:

The Heart Math Institute:

Sacred Geometry on Pinterest:

The Library @ DMT-Nexus:

As the name might suggest – a resource of e-books on entheogens and associated phenomena.  But tossed in there are a number of amazing esoteric books, as well as strong resources on Tesla, Rudolf Steiner, Wilhelm Reich and other pioneers of the alternative energy movement.


Offline reading list, and more links coming soon!