Traveling Within – at the Vancouver Art Gallery 2013

traveling within

We are all travelers on a journey, are we not? At the center of all comings and goings stands the place of eternal return – the place from which we depart, and to which we are always arriving.  In this 2013 commission for the VAG, we created a journey through music, looped sound and story, to take the audience through the stars – to the shiny blue and golden home that we never left.

Separated by many miles, a young woman living a life of luxury on the highest peak in the land, and a desitute young man in the swamp dream a shared dream  and set out on a journey to the centre of themselves and the mysterious column of golden light from which all is created and to which all returns.

Written by Ari Lazer, Music by Coco Kamiwing and Sam Friesen, Presented by Ari Lazer, Coco Kamiwing and Sam Friesen.