About the Traveling Alchemists:

VAG Performance18The Traveling Alchemists’ Outreach Society is a collaborative, multi-disciplinary exploration in magic, mystery and wonder.  It is a home for artwork, theatre, storytelling and education devoted to exploring the harmonious proportions of of our world – in shape, sound, and story.

The TAOS was created in 2009 by Ari Lazer, as a vehicle for his theatre and artwork to explore metaphysical themes. Since then it has become a home for his teachings on Sacred Geometry, Meditation and more.

From 2009 on TAOS  has fostered a variety of collaborations with a diverse collection of artists, scholars, and magical souls, who come together to create works of beauty and harmony on the West Coast of Canada.


Ari Lazer:

Artist, educator and healer, Ari is the founder and proprietor of the Traveling Alchemists’ Outreach Society.

With a background in theatre and interdisciplinary art,  he has presented work in conjunction with the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Chicago Cultural Centre, the Vancouver International Folk Festival, and a host of local Vancouver institutions.   He has served as the Artistic Producer for two of Vancouver’s best loved events – the Illuminares Lantern Festival (2012), and the Parade of Lost Souls (2010-2012).  (Click the links for photos of the events in 2012 under Ari’s direction).

In his own individual work, Ari’s particular brand of magic centers around geometric pattern, shape, stone and song.  These are themes he explores in his private and public courses, his performance and visual artwork.  Additionally, Ari is deeply inspired by the capacity of human beings to heal themselves and our shared world.  The group ceremonies and one-on-one healing sessions he offers are wonderful ways to get to explore these realms of possibility for yourself.

Ari offers his services, teaching courses, creating artwork on commission and offering transformational facilitation in one-on-one and group settings.  To contact Ari, email ari.lazer@gmail.com,  or call 778-323-0053.

Our Collaborators:

T. Jones

T. Jones is a Vancouver puppet builder and soft sculpture artist creating fabled worlds within the formats of performance, installations and exhibitions. His projects have ranged from street-long puppet installations and elaborate circus theatre productions, to small-scale delicate structures. Linking the breadth of his work is the material that ultimately becomes his art: fabric.
Amongst his many endeavors, T. Jones is the creator of Hyde & Jkyl Puppet Studios – under which he builds his diverse range of projects. In addition, T. Jones is the founder of The Shaking Tent Circus – an immersive performance troupe that utilizes puppetry, ceremony, and circus culture as major themes in their productions.
In the past decade, T. Jones has worked professionally for the Vancouver East Cultural Centre, The Public Dreams Society, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, In The House Festival, The Vancouver Folk Festival, Under The Volcano Festival, The Wandering Angels Lantern Festival, and the Memelab.

Chris Murdoch

Specializing in contact juggling and fire spinning, Chris Murdoch draws inspiration from many studies: dance, mime, toss juggling, diabolo, hoop illusions, and many forms of world percussion.  He has performed across Australia and Canada. Recently, he has created performances for the Avatar Circus Project, The Vancouver Fringe Festival, and for Brian Froud, the designer of the hit movies the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.  In addition to his skills as a performer, Chris is a skilled tailor and draws great inspiration from mythology and sacred geometry in crafting his clothes and performance.

Martin Reisle

A most unique composer, and captivating musician, Martin Reisle performs his work in a wide variety of environments.  Gifted on the guitar, cello, banjo, trombone and keys, Martin is a multi instrumentalist.  With a deep devotion to mystery, and thourough grasp of the alchemichal tradition Martin is strong beliver and proponent of he development of new and unexpected performance forums,  he has written and/or performed in works for Bodypainted musical dancing sextet, 45 piece electric orchestra in a night club, bike powered performance, telecommunicatively broadcast concerts happening in multiple locations, breakout marching band, house concerts, and immersive musical theatre. His work with Maria in the Shower has been described as “one of the best things happening in Vancouver”, “wildly entertaining” and “completely amazing and exactly the kind of vibrant expression of art that this city so badly needs”.